Team Manager reminders:

1. New player Registration Reminder:
-Hard plastic Player Passes will be immediately mailed out to the team manager after he notifies ISSA of a new registration, and the ISSA verifies the new registration is complete.

The easiest way to add a new player to Tri County Soccer League and to your team is: 

-Go to our league site  then go to your Register age division and login to LeagueApps

-You as the primary team manager, go to Invite Player section inside of your team LeagueApps and send the new player an email invitation.

-This way they will already be tied to your team and added to your roster.  When they receive your email from LeagueApps they will click on the link in their email to begin their registration.

The other way is about 3 steps. The player goes to our league website , to the correct age division registration. When they create an account on LeagueApps, the player will search for and select your team. The LeagueApps system will send you a request and the player will then wait for you to approve their request to join your team. Once you approve the player goes back to continue with the registration. 

At times a random person may find our site, and request to join your team. That is why that request and approval step is there, so a player is not able to just blindly sign up and get added to a team.

2. Reminder on being proactive to bring your players over to the referee for Player Pass ID checks before each game.

3. No Pass No Play: See Home page for more details.

4. Certificate of Liability Insurance-  A New Request form is under Forms on the TCSL website.

For any of your home games that you do not play at Palatine High School Turf, be sure that you emailed a request to have an active certificate of Insurance. The term of coverage is from 9/1/2015 to 8/31/2016. IF you did not do this in the fall, be sure to take care of this. The form is on our league website. Complete the from and email it to Michelle Sepede at ISSA. When completed she will email it back to you. It is the manager responsibility to then email it to the field owner contact so they have on file. All teams in TCSL are covered at Palatine fields.

Email address for Michelle Sepede:

5. Any questions, concerns, send an email to Rolando Gonzalez or your age division director. Those emails on the TCSL website home page.

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